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31 January 2018

A cloudless future

Dear Readers,

Welcome to 2018 and a cloudless future. Our blogs will share some personal experiences of a Chiropractor in Amsterdam. They will also share some inspirations and useful health, movement and wellbeing reading.

The new year is full of inspirations and the sense of a fresh beginning or at least a greater likelihood for reflection of the year past and aspirations for what lays ahead. This being the first blog post of our new website is indeed a properly ‘clean slate’. Seeing it’s the typical time to reflect and project, I will share some reflections for the past year. We became parents in May last year; a life event that literally turns your world upside down. It has brought some very challenging and testing times; most of which are attributed to sleep depravation! It has thankfully and fortunately also brought some incredible happiness that with out raving on about it too much, goes hand in hand with becoming a parent.
We want to share a bit from our experience as first time parents in future blogs from a holistic parenting perspective which might help others in their own journey. We do also want to keep a variety in the content we share and not spiral into a monotonous bore of parent oriented topics that can consume folks who make the jump to family life. We’ll try our best to keep it cool and dynamic ( or we’ll keep believing we can remain cool and dynamic at least…).
With this said, the first few posts will share some of the key topics that were at the fore front for us in the first 6 months of becoming parents that we hope is some interest and gives help.
Please follow and share our blogs with your people who might benefit or find interest. We want to share our knowledge, experience and professional service to help as many people as we can here in Amsterdam and further afield.
For now take a look around our new website. We have tried to provide layers of information where you can seek further as you wish or simply get the key bits you need easily. There is a FAQ’s page and a media info library page with lots of useful topics covered in short animations. These animations clearly detail how Chiropractic works and the benefits of Chiropractic for everyone from pregnant mothers and babies, active yogi’s and sports enthusiasts to hard working professionals, right through to ‘young at heart’ senior citizens.
We wish you the best in your health and wellbeing in 2018 and may many of your aspirations be realised in the year ahead.