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What can Chiropractic help with?

Visit this page to see what we can help you with. For some more info on how chiropractic works visit here.

Is there any research to support chiropractic treatment?

Contrary to some persisting beliefs, today there is an ever growing body of scientific research supporting the benefits, outcomes and scientific validity of chiropractic care in the modern day. Learn more about this on our research page.

What kind of techniques do we use at Cloudless Chiropractic?

At Cloudless Chiropractic we use predominantly gentle ‘low force’ techniques that replace speed in place of heavy force to create improved function in your spine and nervous system. Some of these techniques utilise mechanical assistance with treatment tables and instruments, others are done gently by hand.

Our Chiropractor always adapts the appropriate technique suitable for each individual client. The treatment is generally always painless. The techniques used include:

  • Sacro-occipital technique
  • Cranial therapy
  • Drop piece
  • Soft tissue release
  • Activator instrument technique
How do I schedule an intake with Cloudless Chiropractic?

An intake visit does not require the referral from a Huisarts/Medical doctor. Contact us here. Not sure if we will be able to help you? Feel free to ask us anything, as we are happy to help.

How much does Chiropractic cost?

Read about the costs of your Chiropractic care here.

What to expect on your first Intake visit at Cloudless Chiropractic?

The goal of your intake is to gain a clear picture of your current state of health. An intake visit involves a thorough review of your current state of health and a physical examination.

 An intake appointment:

  • Does not require a referral from a Huisarts/medical doctor.
  • Takes about 45 minutes (second visits take about 30 minutes and regular visits take about 15 minutes).
  • Involves a functional assessment of your spine, nervous system and state of health.
  • Involves a posture scan.
  • Requires you to wear a tight-fitting light coloured top and tight fitting bottoms. Otherwise we could ask you to remove some pieces of clothing for the convenience of making the Posture Scan.
  • Should not make you feel nervous. We have all the time for you to find out how we can help you best with your spine, health & wellbeing limitations.

We appreciate your time is valuable. So we ask that you to fill in your Intake Form at home. The form will be attached to the email that confirms your first appointment with us.

Book your intake appointment with Cloudless Chiropractic here.

For any further question please call us on 0647988964.

How do we work at Cloudless Chiropractic?

Your state of health is a continuum. At one end you might be sick, where you constantly experience symptoms and limitations in your daily life. In the middle you might be ‘not sick’, where you have no obvious signs of illness but you are prone to becoming ill or experience aches and pain. At the far end of the health continuum you can be ‘well’ – a state of vitality where you enjoy greater energy, a robust immune function and your body is performing at its optimum.

Ask yourself, where does your state of health fall on this continuum?

Our goal for all our clients is to help them to experience optimum wellness at the optimal end of the health continuum for more of their life.  We tailor 3 phases of care for every person which begins with relief care progressing forward to wellness care.

Our bodies have an innate capacity to be well. An optimal functioning nervous system is vital to enable your body to organise and coordinate every cell in your body and uphold this innate capacity to be well.

Many clients first come to receive Chiropractic treatment for limitations of health in the sick end of the health continuum with back pain, neck pain headache and migraine and a myriad of other symptoms. Our goal remains the same for every client; to offer our expertise and professional health services in assisting them to experience optimal wellbeing.

The choice is yours. What state of health would you like to enjoy?